Why won’t Southern University Alumni give back to their school?

Southern University A&M College is the flagship school of all HBCU’s and it anchors the only black system of higher education in the nation. So the question is: why won’t students give back to the University? This week has been one of the most difficult weeks Southern University has faced in a very long time. The school has been at the center of controversy due to the leak of a sex tape in addition to being placed on Accreditation warning.

Many students have taken to social media to call out leadership and have gone as far as to call for the resignation of the Chancellor.

As a graduate of Southern University, I have nothing but pride in the blue and gold. I have seen, firsthand, how passionate the teachers are and how rich the culture is at Southern University. The many memories of Southern University will always remain close to my heart.

We can not ignore the fact that Southern University has been declining for many years and there are still questions that have not been answered. So, one question remains: “WHY?”

Board members and administrators need to understand that Southern University is not the only school that African-Americans students can attend which means the institution has to raise the bar to attract quality students. How can Southern University compete for quality students when buildings are deteriorating? Who wants to attend a university that has leaky roofs, moldy walls, sewage backups, and broken smoke detectors? How can we have pride for our university when we won’t even address the problems with the school? Southern University has many outdated systems, such as refund checks not being disbursed until a month after school has started, which means students who need to purchase books will be at a disadvantage because of this ridiculous policy. Southern University also makes students obtain numerous of signatures before graduation which, again, is ridiculous. We are in the age of technology and the school still requires students to use typewriters to fill out graduation request forms

The two biggest reasons of why students do not give back are lack of transparency with funds and not having a quality job that pays enough money to give contribute. Students who graduate are in more debt than the income they are making on their job, in fact, a large percentage of students do not work in the field that they graduated in.

Southern University could do a better job with encouraging students to return and obtain their Masters and Doctorate Degree because a Bachelor Degree simply won’t earn the income compared to the mounting debt that students pile up with student loans.

We can do better and We will be better!!

Show your Pride for Southern University by demanding better for future graduates.

Let’s Give Back to Our School!! We will hold the Administration accountable for every dollar that we give back! Let’s take our school back!!

Click the Link to Give back!!

I will always bleed blue and gold!









Daniel Banguel, Publisher

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1 thought on “Why won’t Southern University Alumni give back to their school?”

  1. Margaret Green says:

    My husband was a SU grad with an advanced degree and my son has an undergraduate degree. Each refused to give Szu a penny. When asked why their response is what EVERY alumni says ” I’m not giving them my money to put in their pockets.” I surmise that SU will continue to decline and deteriorate until that Board of Directors is rluminated and SU is placed under the UL System. Best thing that ever happened to Grambling. It is the only way the University will ever regain the credibilty, trust and financial support of its Alum. Otherwise the political stronghold of the Board will be its demise and your University will die on the bluff.


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