Website created to find all Black owned local businesses

(PPN) – Black Lives Matter (BLM), has taken another step into strengthening the community by creating a database map for local black owned businesses. currently has over 300 businesses listed and are looking for more. Between 2007 and 2012, African-American businesspersons increased by 34.5 percent.

African-American entrepreneurs can add their company to the website by filling out a short form. Some of the categories are food/beverage, non-profit, entertainment, and online business. The layout is simple, easy to use, and powered by Google.

According to BLM co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, “Black-owned business have long been a staple in the Black community providing jobs, economic security and somewhere for us to go and feel seen and safe.”

Decades ago, Scotlandville in Baton Rouge, LA, was one of the most dominant places to go to “buy black” but as time passed that changed. Now the city is seeking to rebuild with growing companies that recently opened in the area such as ‘Empire Wingz’ and ‘Chicken Shack’.

As we celebrate Black History Month and remember those who have contributed great successes by historic African-American figures, we should also support those who continue to carry on the legacy by backing black businesses.

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