Victim’s family awarded $1 million for Border Patrol altercation

(PPN) – The family of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas won $1 million in their federal lawsuit for the 2010 altercation with Border Patrol agents. The settlement will divided between Mr. Rojas’s five sons and daughers.

On May 28, 2010, Rojas and his brother were caught trying to illegally enter the United States near Otay Mesa.

The Border Patrol officer threw him against the wall and kicked his legs apart hitting hit the metal pins in Rojas ankle from an old accident. Afterwards, the two continued to go back and forth as the brothers were being transported back to the border.

The authorities reported that Hernandez resisted arrest but according the lawsuit, he was grabbed from behind and hit with batons. One of the Patrol officers had him face down with his knee on his back. The backup officers fired a Taser at Rojas while the others held him down. The officers are still working as immigration authorities.

Two days later, Mr. Rojas died at a hospital. An autopsy showed several factors contributed to the fatal heart attack, including the methamphetamine that was found also.

Magistrate Judge Louisa Porter told the children, “He (your father) came to this country to improve his life.” She advised the children to use the money to have a good life just as their father would have wanted for them.

Although the case was settled, Mrs. Rojas feels that the settlement is not enough. She said “This agreement is not justice. My husband’s life does not have a price. The decision had to be taken and it was difficult. We had to turn the page.”

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