UPDATE: Gunman identified in San Diego shooting, 1 dead, 7 hospitalized

WARNING: The video below contains graphic content that may be unsuitable for some.

Shocking video posted on Snapchat show the tense moments during a mass shooting at a University City apartment complex. More info http://bit.ly/2pvOSNPParts of this video have been blurred because of graphic content. Video: 2IKKY (Snapchat)

Posted by KUSI News on Sunday, April 30, 2017

San Diego (NBC) – The gunman involved in a mass shooting in San Diego called his ex-girlfriend after the shooting began and wanted her to hear the rampage, San Diego’s police chief said Monday.

Peter Selis, 49, was described by witnesses as calm. One person even said Selis had a smirk on his face during the shooting. Another said he held a beer in one hand and his gun in another.

One woman has died and seven other people were hospitalized with gunshot wounds or broken bones following Sunday’s mass shooting at the La Jolla Crossroads apartment complex.

The shooting occurred inside the pool area where people were attending a birthday party.

San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said Selis was despondent over a recent breakup with a girlfriend.

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Moments before officer arrived, Selis, “took out a cell phone and he called his ex-girlfriend,” Zimmerman said.

“Selis told his ex-girlfriend that he had just shot two people and that police had arrived on the scene.”

“It was apparent that Selis wanted his ex-girlfriend to listen in as he carried out his rampage,” she said.

The victims just happened to be present, she added.

“There is zero information to indicate that race played a factor in this terrible and horrific crime,” she said. “The victims were targeted for no other reason but their mere presence of the vicinity of the suspect.”

Zimmerman said Selis pointed his weapon at her officers then three officers fired, shooting and killing the suspect.

One witness said the tenant who was celebrating his birthday walked up to Selis and invited him to join the celebration. The witness said Selis then lifted up his shirt, took out a gun and shot the tenant in the stomach.

He continued shooting people until he was out of bullets, according to the witness.

Another witness described the suspect as calm with a smirk on his face during the shooting.

A woman who was in the pool area at the time of the shooting said she was able to get away from the shooter while he was reloading his gun.

Police believe Selis lived at the complex located on Judicial Drive, north of Nobel Drive and south of Miramar Road and west of Interstate 805.

Seven adults were taken to area hospitals with gunshot wounds. One woman died of her injuries and several others remain in critical condition, according to Zimmerman, who did not identify the victims

One man broke his arm while fleeing and went to a hospital as well, Zimmerman said.

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