Two African American Authors bring awareness to Literacy-Donate Money to Schools

Two African American Authors, Eugene Collins and Michael “AV” Mitchell, decided to donate apart of their book sales to purchase electronic notebooks to a local middle school.  What sparked this initiative was an objective to increase the reading and cultural literacy in the African American community.

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Eugene Collins, author of the book called A Dream Reminded, this book focuses on how poverty can often be a vicious cycle, which can take generations to break. This story shows how an African American family based in South Louisiana escaped poverty through hard work and inherited pride.

Collins is also a Community Activist and The Director of Prevention at HAART and Open Health Care Clinic that conducts HIV/AIDs prevention in Baton Rouge.

“I wrote this book so that I could get a better understanding of my family’s history and to increase literacy among African Americans,” said Collins.


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Michael “AV” Mitchell, author of the book called The Dream is True, this book focuses on the desire to see others live their Dreams and have a fulfilled and happy life.

Mitchell is a Musical Artist, Community Activist, and Motivational Speaker in Baton Rouge.

“As a child, I battled with things such as poverty, self-esteem, and having a clear vision of what I wanted to be. I feel that it’s my duty to fill this void in the lives of as many youth and even adults as possible. We all were born to win. Inside of us is untapped potential that can impact this world greatly as well as generate enough financial wealth for generations to come. The dilemma is that we are unaware of this potential or life has caused us to give up. “The Dream Is True” is a manual for the Dreamer. This book will tell you how to fly high and maintain that altitude.”

Because of the unique similarity of the book title names, the two authors decided to form a book tour called, “Dreams United.”

To help promote the book, the authors sought out the experience of business owner and consultant Cleve Dunn Jr. to assist in organizing the book tour.

“It was great working with A.V. and Eugene on the “Dreams United” book release. We were able to introduce their books to the marketplace and encourage black children to read and write in an attempt to address the negative literacy rates in our community.  I’m honored and thankful that Eugene and A.V. asked me and my company “La Posh Promotions” to come on board to promote the tour. It was a great success and we couldn’t have done it without the help of all our partners and sponsors,”  said Dunn

Yesterday, during the “Dreams United Book Tour,” Authors Eugene Collins and Michael “AV” Mitchell, along with promoter Cleve Dunn Jr. presented a check to CSAL Middle Charter Chief Academic Officer Lamont Cole in the amount of $2,000 for the purchase of electronic notebooks.

A percentage of book sales has and will be contributed to CSAL Middle Charter and Madison Prep Academy.


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