Trouble at Southern University- Former Miss Southern involved in a Sex Tape Scandal

It was reported via social media that the former Miss Southern Shanice Sam was involved in a sex tape. The tape was verified by XTube Porn. It has been alleged by students at Southern University that the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Brandon Dumas may have been involved but no evidence to support the allegations have been proven.

Southern University issued the following statement late Tuesday:

Southern University has received reports regarding a private video posted and shared online allegedly involving a university employee and/or student. Because of implications that a cyber-crime may have occurred, we take matters like this very seriously. It is our aim to provide a positive environment that is conducive to learning for our students and one that is supportive of faculty and staff in carrying out the University’s mission. To that end, we advise and caution our students and employees on the importance of data security as well as the ramifications of their conduct on social media. We will continue to take every measure to ensure that our students and staff understand that we want to ensure their safety and well being both on campus and online.

The video has been removed from XTube Video.


Update: Students call for the firing of the SU Chancellor!!

Students and Supporters of Southern University calls for the firing of Chancellor Dr. Ray L. Belton

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