Transgenders attack Charlamagne Tha God at Politicon, “We are not a joke”

Transgenders attack Charlamagne Tha God at Politicon, “We are not a joke”

Los Angeles, CA (PPN) – Lil’ Duval’s joke about transgenders went viral after his interview with The Breakfast Club Friday. Many listeners and viewers who were upset with his comments have decided to boycott New York’s Power 105.1 FM radio show.

When asked to give his opinion on Trump’s take about banding transgenders from the military, Lil’ Duval didn’t want to be apart of the conversation but the three hosts continued to press the comedian into answering the question.

“Don’t ask me nothing like that,” Lil’ Duval said.

DJ Envy posed a scenario question about transgenders to the comedian asking what would you do if you found out that a woman was transgender four months after having sex with her.

“This might sound messed up but she’s dying,” Lil’ Duval said.

The internet attacked Lil’ Duval but he’s unapologetic about his comments. “If your favorite comedian not pissing someone off, they not a great comedian.”

“I didn’t say I would kill transgenders, I said if one did that to me and they didn’t tell me, I’m a be so mad I’m probably gon’ wanna kill them,” Duval continued.

Charlamagne Tha God took the heat from transgenders at Politicon on Sunday when a group of them protested and interrupted his interview yelling “we are not a joke”.

One of the women yelled at CTG saying, “Black trans gender lives matter too.” They were upset because The Breakfast Club hosts and Lil’ Duval laughed after the joke was made.

Some of the trans called Charlamagne very mean names. “You are a punk ass bitch,” one yelled as Charlamagne tried to explain to the interviewer what happened during the The Breakfast Club interview.

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