Top 10 things NOT to do around a Black Family during the holidays

The holidays are some of the best times of the year to be around family. You get to see all of your cousins, your drunk uncle, and you get to see BIG MAMA. Now everybody in the black community has someone that they call BIG MAMA or Madea, this is the person that calls all the shots! They are considered the glue that keeps the family together. If you are a person who has never visited a black family during the holidays, I will be happy to share some things that you are not supposed to EVER do.

  1. If you are coming over, please limit your guest to one person or NONE!

    1. The worst thing you could ever do is come over to somebody’s house and bring people that you didn’t warn Madea about.
  2. If you didn’t buy any food to contribute to the meal, please limit your take-out plates to ZERO!

    1. How would you feel if you didn’t get a plate of food that you help buy?
  3. If you say you are going to bring food than BRING IT?

    1. The worst thing you can do is have people counting on you for an important dish and not deliver.
  4.  Don’t bring food with missing ingredients.

    1. For example, Don’t bring gumbo that only has sausage in it.
  5. When scooping gumbo, please do not fish for meat, just take whatever is in the scoop and move on.

    1. The worst thing you can do is take all the meat out of the gumbo and leave soup for the next person.
  6. Please don’t jump into a conversation that you cannot relate to!

    1. During the holidays’ black families often reminisce about old memories so if you aren’t apart of any just listen and shut up
  7. If you didn’t bring a gift then don’t be upset if you don’t get one.

    1. Black families are on a budget so if you didn’t get a gift it’s probably because last year you didn’t give one.
  8. Don’t lie about your career?

    1. The black family is petty. we’ve already googled you before you started talking.
  9. It’s very offensive to say that you aren’t hungry at Madea’s house.

    1. You better get a small plate and eat.
  10. Don’t leave your children at Madea’s house to go to someone else’s house.

    1. Nobody wants to watch your bad kids during the holidays.


This is a just a small sample of what not to do during the Holidays!!

Happy Holidays from Pen Point News!



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