The NFL just violated the 1st Amendment-“Freedom of Speech isn’t FREE anymore”

Atlanta (PPN)- Today the NFL team owners unanimously approved a policy that would fine teams and league personnel that do not stand and show respect for the flag and the National Anthem.

“We want people to be respectful of the national anthem,” commissioner Roger Goodell said. “We want people to stand — that’s all personnel — and make sure they treat this moment in a respectful fashion. That’s something we think we owe. [But] we were also very sensitive to give players choices”, said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.


The First Amendment guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely.  I guess the NFL Commissioner and owners did not get that memo.

A league that is over 70% black, how do white owners make up rules to prevent African Americans from expressing their frustration with police brutality.  Over the past three years, cases in which blacks were killed by the police or died in police custody has steadily increased. The number continues to rise despite raw footage that clearly shows unjustified force. So the question remains, why are police officers still being acquitted of murdering unarmed black men? The answer is simple; the system wasn’t made to be equal for ALL. So, what do you do when the law isn’t fair for everyone? You Protest! You Protest! Until somebody hears you and what better stage to protest on than America’s favorite sport.

It’s demoralizing that a league that draws in billions of dollars are mainly trying to quiet the people who keep the revenue coming in. So ask yourself who views are being respected? The problem is that some black NFL players aren’t willing to sacrifice until something directly happens to them or someone that they care about. The reason Colin Kaepernick and Ed Reed aren’t employed because there aren’t enough high-profile black athletes standing together to support this cause. Could you imagine if all the best black players in football unite and said we aren’t playing again until we see a change in our country? I believe this would be a significant step forward toward changing our nation.

But I guess when the NFL loses viewership and revenue, it becomes a business decision to silence our voices. The NFL does not care about its players, it only cares about its bottom line, and as you can see from the comments below, some white people still view us as entertainment, nothing more.

Black people WAKE UP and realize that this system of oppression was built for us to fail! To our oppressors, we will not be silent when it comes to police brutality or any other forms of injustices. The NFL ratings should continue to drop until the “powers that be” acknowledges that there is a problem in our country. We won’t stop there; we also will hold our elected officials accountable for creating laws that are fair for everyone.



Daniel Banguel, Journalist| Radio Host | Motivational Speaker


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