Teenager conveys ‘powerful message’ on Black Lives Matter prom dress

Teenager conveys ‘powerful message’ on Black Lives Matter prom dress

Palm Beach – Every high school girl dreams of having the perfect dress for prom and that dream came true for Cardinal Newman High School senior, Milian Morris.

The 17-year-old posted a picture of her dress on Instagram and it went viral. The post received over 12,000 likes in 2 days.

The caption reads:

Yes I’m Black. Yes I’m 17. Yes GOD is using me to convey a message that’s bigger than me. 

Instead of getting a traditional dress, Milian, had her floor-length dress customly designed by dressmaker Torrence.

He said, “It was art. It was surreal. It spoke volumes.”

Torrence is a West Palm Beach designer who also works in Miami and Atlanta.

“He was the mastermind behind this whole thing honestly,” said Morris adding that Torrence’s “message is a huge issue in America today.”

The elegent prom dress displayed a picture of Trayvon Martin and other African-Americans who were shot and killed by white policeman.

Those viticms families are still fighting injustice in this country today, along with advocate groups such as Black Lives Matter.

He thought of the idea last year was able to bring it all together.

“It was powerful and a movement and I knew people would respond to it”, Torrence said.

Morris will attend Boston College next year for college. She is a basketball star and was recently named “all-area” player by Palm Beach Post.

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