Teenage girl stabs Uber driver to death

Chicago, IL (PPN) – Uber may not be as safe and easy as it seems.

An Uber driver lost his life while working.

On Tuesday, a 16-year-old Chicago girl requested Uber and minutes later she began to stab the driver with a stolen knife, allegedly from Wal-Mart, and a machete.

Sources say, she had requested two different Uber rides earlier that day.

Grant Nelson, 34, picked up Eliza Wasni a few blocks away from Wal-Mart near the corner of Touhy and Lincoln avenue, according to the Chicago Trubune.

After he was stabbed in Lincolnwood, he was able to pull his Hyundai over and run to a nearby condominium building lobby.

Nelson pushed buzzers and yelled, “Help me, help me. I’m going to die,” Assistant State’s Attorney Michelle Cunningham said.

While Nelson ran for help, the 16-year-old jumped in the driver seat and fled the scene but she didn’t get far.

Wasni struck the median and ran off on foot.

Police found the girl nearby wearing a bra and leggings only. The Chicago Cubs shirt that she wore, was found nearby with blood on it.

Officials were able to find the Uber driver by following a trail of blood to the condominium lobby.

In court Wednesday afternoon, Wasni kept her eyes mostly to the floor as a Cook County judge ordered her to be held without bail. Prosecutors are calling this crime “heinous” and “not provoked in any manner.”

Before Nelson passed away, he was able to describe his attacker to police. He died later at a nearby hospital, officials said.

The Taft High School student lived with her mother in Chicago.

Judge Michael Hood called the crime “extremely violent” and charged Wasni as an adult with first-degree murder. She’s been held in a juvenile facility Cook County.

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