Dontre Hamilton family receives $2.3 million in settlement

Milwaukee, WI (PPN) – On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, police officer Christopher Manney shot and killed Dontre Hamilton 14 times in Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee. Manney patrolled the area but was not the first officers on the scene.

Manney woke Hamilton up for no apparent reason. The alleged pat down led to a struggle between the two. Hamilton was able to get Manney’s nightstick and beat him with it, afterwards the cop shot him 14 times.

Three years later, on Wednesday May 31, the Milwaukee Council approved a $2.3 million settlement for the Hamilton family.

“This is not the justice that me and my family wanted,” said Maria Hamilton, Dontre’s mother.

A federal judge ruled this past April that officer Manney violated Hamilton’s constitutional rights by illegally patting Hamilton down before shooting him.

“Dontre has an heir, and hopefully this settlement will give him a better life,” said Maria Hamilton.

Police chief Ed Flynn fired Manney for the pat down incident, not for killing an innocent man. The distinct attorney and U.S. Attorney’s office agreed to not press criminal chargesĀ so the family fought in federal court.

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Christopher Manney

The city of Milwaukee will pay the funds into a trust for Dontre Hamilton’ son. The rest of the Hamilton family will not receive payment.

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