Taco Bell new menu drink: Alcohol

Taco Bell new menu drink: Alcohol

There are a lot of shocking things that happen in the world but this is by far something that we did not see coming.

Some may say that Mexican food and beer is a great combination, but what if you could get both of them at one of your favorite fast food restaurants? The thought of being able to get beer and tacos at Taco Bell is ridiculous, until they do the unthinkable and add beer to their menu. Yes, it’s true.

Taco Bell announced Tuesday that they will have beer on their menu this summer.

All customers of legal drinking age will be allowed to purchase the alcoholic beverage.

The first restaurant that will begin selling beer will be Taco Bell’s flagship store located in Queen West Tornonto.

Since 2015, the fast food chain has served alcohol at “Cantina” restaurants in the U.S.

In the last five years, Taco Bell Canada has experienced tremendous growth,” said Taco Bell Canada general manager Amanda Clark. “This announcement highlights how committed we are to further growing our business.”

Taco Bell will also expanded to 700 restaurants in Canada. They currently have 170.

The press release also mentioned that the new restaurants will also be getting a significant design overhaul, including open kitchen layouts and “shareable menus.

“At the core of our new design, we stay true to our Californian heritage,” Clark said. “Our initiatives are propelled by what (customers) really want, and when it comes to dining experiences, we’re not afraid to let millennials take the driver’s seat.”

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