Students and Supporters of Southern University calls for the firing of Chancellor Dr. Ray L. Belton

This week a sex tape was leaked via social media in which it involved the former Miss Southern and an unidentified man, many speculate that it is the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Brandon Dumas but there has not been an official release by Southern University that verifies the man’s identity.

Social media has responded by posting memories of Southern University with the hashtag #DontAskMeAboutSU.

The purpose of the hashtags is to remember the good times of Southern University.

Pen Point News Reporter reached out to former SGA President and student board member Jamal Taylor. We asked Mr. Taylor a few question about his beloved Southern University.

Why all of a sudden the hashtags about Southern University is saturating social media?

“The reason you see the hash tags is because the spirit of Southern University is unflappable. The tape is not the best of Southern University, when those in high positions do wrong, the students and supporters of Southern University will rally to protect it. People need to understand that the spirit of Southern University gives us hope.”

What could Southern University do better overall to protect its history and legacy?

“The Administration needs to operate with integrity and do what is right by the students and faculty, it shouldn’t be about who you know to get a job. We need leaders who will restore Southern University to it former days of Glory!”

What do Alumni and Students want from this attention it is getting from the sex tape leak?

“We want a full, fair, and unfettered investigation that focuses on the university and not protecting people because of their personal relationships.  Also from the people I’ve spoken with, we just want what is best for Southern University and we want the Chancellor to resign immediately. There is a ‘Trump Like’ mentality that has been happening for years, those in power sweeping things under a rug and because of this, we see chaos. ‘We are sick of tired of being sick and tired’, we want what is best for our school and students.”

What sort of accountability do you want for Southern University going forward?

“We need to get rid of some of these Board Members and appoint members who will have the best interest of Southern University. I also want to point out that, Governor John Bel Edwards was elected by the movement of African Americans, we need him to lead in this regard and appoint individuals that will do the work of moving the institution forward. I want him to recognize that our votes matter.”

Jamal Taylor has been very vocal on his disapproval of how Southern University has handle the sex tape scandal. He has vented his frustrated via Facebook Live garnering hundreds of views in support of his stances.

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  1. Keneshie Morrison says:

    While I really appreciate this article; it is very informative. The headline is misleading! You don’t get into the statement made about calling for Belton’s resignation. One mention? That’s not a byline.

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