Student verifies racially charged face paintings at St. Edmund’s Catholic School

Eunice, LA (PPN) A student (anonymous) contacted Pen Point News to reveal that the principal of Eunice High School, Mitchell Fontenot is the daughter that allegedly painted the brown faces on students at St. Edmund’s Catholic School. Mitchell Fontenot is also a board member at St. Edmund’s Catholic School.

Student says that Mitchell Fontenot daughter is a senior at  St. Edmund’s Catholic School, whom which the student says he knows personally. He says that “she isn’t the nicest of girls”. The reason why students get their faces painted is because of a long freshmen tradition, in which boys shave their heads and girls paint their faces. Student says that Mitchell daughter help painted the faces of girls during freshmen initiation.

The student says that the daughter of Mitchell uploaded a photo with a brown face stating “Juan no habla English. Gurtha is allergic to the sun. Birdie is my property”. The student says that the comment was racist and that the post was removed from Instagram.

Today, student said, “Mitchell Fontenot called police to Eunice High School to tell a group of students to stop spreading the news regarding the picture. He did not want the news to get out that his daughter was behind the racist post”.

Student says girls from both St. Edmund’s Catholic School and Eunice High School took a picture together captioning the phrase “NO HATE”.

Ironically, the girls in the picture below are both from St. Edmund’s Catholic School and Eunice High School. The girl with the brown face is a cheerleader at Eunice High School and the other girl is the daughter of Mitchell Fontenot, a senior at St. Edmund’s Catholic School.

The student says that Mitchell Fontenot, his father, and his daughter went to visit the principal of St. Edmund’s Catholic School and shortly afterwards the principal of St. Edmund’s Catholic School resigned.



Update: Statement from Publisher Daniel Banguel. “I interviewed a student that gave specific details of the racially charged face paintings at St. Edmund’s Catholic School. Due to the threats and racial comments that were on news feeds, I decided to remove the student’s voice to protect the safety of the student. No news story is worth the safety of our children. PenPoint News believes in integrity!! We will always protect the innocent”!!



St. Edmund’s Catholic School have less than 5 African American students.





















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