‘STOP TRUMP’ spray-painted on San Diego road

San Diego, CA (PPN) –  A California artist spray painted the word “TRUMP” under a road stop sign.

Coffee shop regular, G Case, likes to talk politics with his friends. He told reporters that Thursday’s topic discussion was “Stop Trump” after Trump’s name that was spray painted on the road, according to ABC news.

Some are calling it “street art.”

“They patterned it after the stencil that was original.” He also said it was a clever way of expression. Case said he thought it was creative.

“How often do you see anything political in San Diego?” Case said. “Whether or not you need to deface public property to do that is another question.”

The City of San Diego crews covered the white paint Thursday morning after it was reported, and called it vandalism.

“They put the roller in the tar, they went over the white,” said Case. He was at the coffee shop when the artist painted the street.


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