“Stop The Bullying Stage Play” visits Baker, LA- Play is set to go on Tour

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying has become a severe problem within our schools and communities around the world. A  local production team from Baton Rouge, LA  found a productive way to bring awareness to bullying in the form of a stage play.


The Stop the Bullying Stage made it’s first trip to Baker, LA, October 8 at the Baker Municipal Center.

“We are excited to have the Stop the Bullying Stage Play in Baker, LA. I can relate to being bullied when I was a child so to have a stage play in our town is huge. This is a play that you can not afford to miss! I encourage everyone to see this play,” said Mayor Darnell Waits (City of Baker).

Mayor Darnell Waites (City of Baker) /Daniel Banguel (Producer)

Daniel Banguel is a Community Organizer as well as the Producer for the Stop the Bullying Stage Play.

“The purpose of the Stop the Bullying Stage play is to bring awareness to bullying in a major way. Bullying effects all ages, races, and social classes. We constantly see students, parents, and teachers give their experiences regarding bullying so now it’s time to educate everyone on how impactful bullying can really be,” said Banguel.

The Stop the Bullying Stage Play cast has more than 20 participants who is guided by Jackie Henderson. Henderson is the Director and Play Writer for the Stop the Bullying Stage Play.

“I just want to give a special shout out to God for giving me the ability to write for his Glory.  Every chair was filled and ran professional. God did above what I could think or ask. My vision has always been to help people and to see that vision come to reality is truly humbling,” said Henderson.

Llyod Benson II, BREC Chairman / Daniel Banguel, Producer/ Jackie Henderson, Director and Playwriter


The inaugural Stop the Bullying Stage Play debut had more than 200 guests in attendance. The play open with a jazz band performance by Lazz Ripp Band. The play also featured professional violinist Shaun Ward. The play was entertaining from start to finish with every person in the building on the edge of their seats waiting for more.








Michael Jones captain of Lazz Ripp Band said, “I really believe that this play needs to go on tour, so  much is going on in our minds and to see it on stage is an eye opener. The play showed so much, I am encouraging you to attend the next one. If you cannot attend than I will personally get you there, that is how powerful the play was.”

During emotional scenes, there were times were the audience and cast members both cried reflecting on personal experiences.

If you would like to bring this production to your city or school district, please contact Daniel Banguel (225) 328-3218.



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