In St. James Parish a black teen was beaten up by a group of drunk white males-allegedly the teen was talking to a white female

A series of graphic pictures are being circulated on Facebook. According to Tierra Ceshere facebook page,  A group of drunk white adult males allegedly beat up a black teen because he was talking to a white teenager girl. This happened at the St. James Parish Festival of Bonfires. If anyone have any information regarding the men who assaulted this teen, please contact the St. James Parish Sheriffs Office.

La’Quesha Scott, the mother of one of the victims, says her 15-year-old son was beaten by a group of males after talking to a girl at the event.

Deputy Chief Sid Berthelot with the St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office says the attackers were a group of males who were possibly drunk.

“I wanna’ get people in jail for it,” said Berthelot. “Totally uncalled for, what happened, it’s a shame. We’re gonna’ bring the people who did this to justice.”

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