St. Edmunds Catholic School Seniors paste “Nuttella” on face to mock Students

Eunice, LA (PPN) – St. Edmund’s Catholic School Seniors hazed freshmen by dressing them up to mock Eunice High School students. The parents have posted (which have been deleted) that the girls were not in “blackface” but painted their faces with Nutella, peanut butter and honey.

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Many community members said that it was offensive and it symbolized “black face”. Community members are in an uproar due to the many injustices against African Americans and condone anything that can be perceived as racial prejudice in their town.

Blackface is a form of theatrical makeup used predominantly by non-black performers to represent a black person.

The Diocese of Lafayette has been contacted concerning the many violations that has occurred surrounding the derogatory images. EHS principal has been requested to cancel today’s volleyball scrimmage and Friday’s football game until a public apology has been submitted. Principal Mitch Fontenot believes he’s taking the high road by not cancelling the events. He’s convinced the girls were not in “blackface” and he was told it was Nutella. Principal Mitch Fontenot may have a conflict of interest since his daughter is a senior at the catholic school involved and he sits on the board of directors also.

Pen Point News Chief Investigator Reporter Daniel Banguel went to Eunice, LA and spoke with community members as well as former Tennis Coach Paul Derousselle.


This story is ongoing..


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