Spirit Airlines cancels 300 flights, passenger brawl breaks out

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PPN) – Spirit Airlines passengers encountered a terrible experience in Fort Lauderdale Monday after their flights were cancelled.

Travelers clashed with police and the airline’s employees in outrage.

About 300 Spirit flights have been canceled over the past seven days. The airline says its own pilots are behind the cancellations and is suing them in federal court, according to CNN.

Some passengers stormed off an airplane after their flight was canceled and swarmed the ticket counter joining a long line of others waiting.
“Everyone was already aggravated about flight delays and the ridiculousness of standing in such a long line for hours, which Spirit Airlines did nothing to help, and then in walks these people off their flight raising a ruckus (and) cussing and screaming and they went straight to the counter,” passenger Cindy Matthews Beard told CNN.
Paul Berry, Spirit Airlines spokesman, said the company was “shocked and saddened” to see the chaos in¬†Fort Lauderdale airport. Berry blamed the pilots strike for what happened.
“These pilots have put their quest for a new contract ahead of getting customers to their destinations and the safety of their fellow Spirit Team Members,” Berry said in a statement.
The Airline Pilots Association, International (ALPA) orchestrated an unlawful slowdown, according to a federal lawsuit.
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