Southern University students print obscenity in the Southern Digest

Southern University is once again in the negative light. There was an inappropriate article printed in the Southern University Digest suggesting that officials of the University should allow the all girls dormitory (Totty Hall) to have male student visitation rights. The article stated, “We, the ladies of Totty Hall, want to be able to get our freak on whenever we want”. The article was compared to the movie Love and Basketball, “I want that that #HBCU love, and Quincy never would’ve married Monica if they weren’t allowed to play strip basketball in his dorm room because of visitation”!

Many people are in an uproar questioning why the article was allowed to be printed in the Southern Digest.

As a writer, I am in total agreement of freedom of speech but there are some common sense rules especially when it can be interpreted in a negative way.

In my opinion, if this was printed in a blog or in an opinion column than it would be perfectly fine. The backlash of allowing this to be printed for the entire student body will have its consequences. What about the parents who are trying to figure out if Southern would be a good choice for their child to attend or the confidence that responsible adults are monitoring and advising students on what is appropriate to write about? So many questions will be asked.

The problem is that no one wants to accept responsibility for anything at Southern, it is always a blame game or keep it on the hush-hush. The bottom line was this is not what our students should be focusing on. The real focus should be on Education.

Here is a copy of the article, you be the judge!



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