Southern University “Human Jukebox” Band Director Terminated by the SU Board of Supervisors!

Baton Rouge (PPN)- Today, the Southern University Director of Bands Nathan Haymer was terminated by the Board of Supervisors according to attorney. Last week students, alumni, and parents poured into the Board of Supervisors chamber in support of Mr. Haymer keeping his job. Sources close to the University indicated that the doors to the Band Director office were locked Friday morning when Mr. Haymer arrived to the band room.

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Nathan Haymer was in an ongoing investigation over kickbacks being obtained from band performances.

On March 14, the WBRZ Investigative Unit reported that Haymer was the subject of a lawsuit accused of asking for a ten percent kickback to have Southern’s band play at an event. The owner of Octagon Media alleged in her lawsuit Haymer sent her the following text message, “the ten percent needs to be made payable to me so that the staff can be properly compensated. I am asking for you to hide this ten percent in your percentage charge. If this cannot be done, please let me know.”

Despite that text message, Haymer said he would never do that.

“I’m an honest person,” Haymer said. “I have integrity. Southern pays me well enough and there’s no need for me to get kickbacks from a fundraiser.”


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