Several members of the New Black Panther Party injured by Baton Rouge Police

Baton Rouge- Today the New Black Panther Party led peaceful protest as they tried to enter police station to file a formal complaint and was prevented from entering when police blocked entrance with vehicles and denied entry. Several officers engaged protesters demanding they back up when a BRAVE officer began punching protesters.
BRPD officer were reported by numerous sources that some officers began tasing and shooting protesters with pepper paint bullets at close range. Several people were injured including local BR advocate, Redell Norman who sought medical treatment for his injuries. He was shot by a pepper paint bullet.
The 7 protesters who were arrested was not processed until late in the evening.  
There were 2 protesters who sustained a serious wrist injury during the scuffle.
Crystal Sonia a member of the New Black Panther Party wrist was reported broken.
The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) of the Louisiana chapter is assisting protesters in acquiring bail.
The NLG are providing representation through local attorneys for protesters who were arrested.
Update: Deputy Norwood in booking said Crystal has been transferred to the women’s facility and Deputy Norwood called the medical department and they were unaware of her broken wrist or injury but she said they will send medical attention over.
Update: Bond was set for all arrestees. NLG plans on bailing out all protesters who were arrested following the scuffle with Baton Rouge Police Department.
Bonds are below:
Adam Fraser $3500.00
Rosalyn Scott $1500.00
Krystal Sonia  $3000.00
Michael Stansfield  $500.00
Dennis Gilliard $1500.00
Troy Franklin $1500.00
Donald Williams $8000.00
NLG is working to find pro-bono/low bono volunteers.

Daniel Banguel, Publisher

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