Pen Point News Louisiana News,News & Politics Racist business owner makes fun of a suicidal black man- saying he hopes the “monkey falls”

Racist business owner makes fun of a suicidal black man- saying he hopes the “monkey falls”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (PPN)- Monday, November 5, 2018, an unidentified man was seen dangling off an interstate sign near the I-12, Airline exit. It is unclear as to why the man got up onto the interstate sign; however, authorities say the man came down and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Hours later a local news station, WAFB, reported on the story above and in the comment section, Mike Ancelet, owner of Autoworld Supply Company, commented, “hope that monkey falls off in the grass OUT of our right of way!!!”









Social media showed their disapproval of Mike Ancelet comments by sharing his comments over 3,500 times via Facebook and commenting on Ancelet’s business page.  Ancelet eventually removed his business page from Facebook and took down all of his pictures from his personal Facebook. Shortly after his comments went viral,  Mike Ancelet issued an apology statement via  Facebook.









Comments from Pen Point News Publisher

We are indeed living in dangerous times. We live in a country where racial prejudice and bigotry is being led by the highest office in our country. Trump has incited a base of people who no longer fear to hide behind closed doors to express their hatred beliefs of minorities. Somehow these white supremacists have emerged from their hiding place and have vocalized their ignorant beliefs that somehow white people are superior to people of other races and therefore should be dominant over them.


The last time I checked the USA was supposed to be the land of the free, where each citizen had equal opportunity. We are so much better than this. We are so much better than the divisive and offensive behavior being displayed from the white house.

I do not care how racist Trump is, it is not OK for anyone to publicly display racist comments and think there will not be a consequence. As we’ve seen with the guy Mike Ancelet, your comments are being monitored and reported. We are in a generation where we have bold individuals like myself who will stand up against hatred and bigotry. We will no longer be silent about things that matter to us. We will expose you, and we will hold you accountable. We will boycott your business, and we will make sure that no one does business there. Let this be a lesson learned to all of you white racist people who are drinking Donald Trump’s water, that we have defenders of equality who will not stand by and allow racist people to condemn other races because of their color or their difference in opinions.










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