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Prison bus parked outside of “Lil Boosie” inaugural Boosie Bash Concert

(PPN)-Saturday, March 10, 2018, rapper Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch hosted his inaugural hometown concert called “Boosie Bash” which was held at Southern University.  The concert featured over 20 local rappers and entertainers that held attendees attention from beginning to end. Lil Boosie decided to give his hometown an annual event so that he could personally thank all of his loyal fans from around the southern states. The concert had attendees that drove from Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, and Florida. The concert had an estimated attendance of over 9,000 people.

However, local community activist Eugene Collins and State Representative Denise Marcelle questioned the reason why a prison bus would be parked outside of the mini-dome at Southern University.

“The visibility of the prison bus was the concern, this was not normal.  This certainly isn’t a knock on law enforcement but rather an acknowledgment of the concertgoers who kept everything peaceful. Our communities are over policed and I prove that over and over again with varying statistical reports. We have questions that need answers: 1. Has the prison bus ever been parked at the entrance of an LSU game?  2. Has the prison bus ever been used at other concerts or just the prison vans?  3. If you have access to vans, why weren’t the vans present at Southern University instead of the bus? Showing equality means that the practice of using the prison bus is equal”, said Collins.

Pen Point News contacted State Representative Denise Marcelle via telephone regarding the prison bus at the concert.

“It concerns me that a prison bus would be outside of a hip-hop concert. I have not known of any mass arrest taken place at a hip-hop concert that Lil Boosie has performed at. I would like to have a conversation with the Sheriff and any parties who are responsible for sending the prison bus. If this isn’t a direct statement at Lil Boosie than can I expect this at all large sporting or concerting events?”, said Marcelle.

Pen Point News investigative reporter Daniel Banguel contacted East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Casey Hick regarding the incident.

“The Sheriff’s Office coordinated all security measures with the venue, Southern University, to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved. Captain Fredrick Thomas worked with the venue as he does for major sporting events etc. The transportation van you are asking about is something that we bring out to any major event in which we provide security for and expect a large number of people. The van (sometimes multiple vans) go to all major sporting events such as LSU football games and other hosted events such as Bayou Country Superfest. This particular event was open to the public and brought in approximately 7,000 people, many of which traveled to our parish from out of state. As stated earlier, the security and well-being of our residents and our students are our top priority. Through coordinated efforts with Southern and other agencies, we were able to provide our sky tower for added light and visibility and BRPD utilized their helicopter in order to offer added measures of security. As a result of the coordinated efforts, the thousands in attendance were able to enjoy the event safely.”

Members of the community chimed in on the conversation.

“I personally don’t care if a bus was out there if it’s going to save someone from being shot and killed and it shows that the officers were serious about trying to keep everyone safe from harm’s way”, said Yasmeen Robins.

“At first I assumed that the prison bus was there to say that the officers thought something bad was going to happen but however it could have been used to discourage potential disturbance”, said Crystal White.

According to law enforcement, there were no reported incidents that took place during the event.

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