The Positive of North Baton Rouge-A City Wide Stop the Violence Event

What a wonderful weekend it was in North Baton Rouge!

Many people from all walks of life came out Saturday to rally behind the inspirational couple Tarj and Durell Hamilton; both whom were shot in their driveway in an attempted robbery in 2007.

Pen Point News Reporter caught up with Durell Hamilton about his organization One Voice, One Dream, One Team Pack the Park Event.

“We decided to give back to our community. My wife and I were shot back in 2007 and we wanted to find away to bring awareness to violence. In 2010, we started our annual Pack The Park event, which is a city-wide initiative to Stop Violence”, said Hamilton.

Hamilton partnered with local organizations such as the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s office, The CEO Mind, and the East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor’s Office for their 8th annual Pack the Park Stop the Violence rally.

“We wanted to bring law enforcement and people of the community together for a positive change. We all look at situations and say it couldn’t be me until it is you.”

Hamilton wants to bring this event to all high crime areas in Baton Rouge, so that they can give back in a positive way.






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