Plaquemine Police Chief Kenny Payne says “inappropriate” comments on social media

Plaquemine, LA (PPN)-  On Friday, April 7, 2018 during a live news conference on KCRA 3, Cat Brooks of the Anti-Police Terror Project  was discussing a proposed bill that would tighten the standards for lethal force on the part of police officers.

The measure, state Assembly Bill 931, is co-sponsored by Democrats Shirley Weber and Kevin McCarty following the extrajudicial killing of 22-year-old Stephon Clark in Sacramento. AB 931 authorizes police officers to use deadly force only when it is necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily injury or death – that is, if, given the totality of the circumstances, there was no reasonable alternative to using deadly force, including warnings, verbal persuasion, or other nonlethal methods of resolution or de-escalation.

This bill also establishes that a homicide by a peace officer is not justified if the officer’s gross negligence contributed to making the force “necessary.”

Under the comment section:

A conversation between Police Chief Kenny Payne and a facebook user are in dialogue regarding the bill. The facebook user stated, “Come on Kenny Payne, don’t yall know that all fake guns have orange tips?? Who would own a fake gun any other way?”

The Police Chief responded, “Yes, but I am color blind”.


















Community Activists suggest that his comments were inappropriate as it suggested that officers would still use deadly force even if they notice a orange tip on the gun.

“After reading the comment, I wondered if I ever bought one of my cousins a fake gun, would they be gunned down by Plaquemine’s Finest? We the people who voted him in needs answers, NOW. We voted him in, and we’ll vote him out. We do not need these type of people patrolling our communities when they are supposed to Protect and Serve”, said Community Leader Raheem T. Pierce.


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