Parents frustrated with East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Transportation

Baton Rouge, LA (PPN)- Parents and School Administrators are in complete outraged at the lack of communication from East Baton Rouge Schools Transportation. Today, one parent contacted Pen Point News to tell us about her experience with transportation.

“My child was left on the bus stop for hours this morning waiting on the bus again! This has happen 5 or 6 times this year; either the bus never came down our street or the bus simply never came in the neighbourhood at all,” said Ms Johnson.

Ms. Johnson’s child along with other children have been left at the bus stop in inclement weather on multiple occasions this school year waiting on their children’s bus.

Ms. Johnson chief complaint is that the school officials have done nothing to correct this problem despite having multiple complaints.

Ms.Johnson child attends Southeast Middle School where her child rides bus number 2431. This location is near the Sherwood Forrest subdivision.

“Every single time this bus driver has a substitute bus driver, kids in this neighborhood don’t get picked up”, said Johnson.

Pen Point News contacted East Baton Rouge Schools Transportation this morning to follow up on Ms. Johnson’s story to address the absent bus problems and was told that “management does not come into the office until 9am.” We attempted to call back again to talk with management and was transferred to a full voicemail that was unable to leave messages.

School officials at Southeast Middle School said that they also have had a recurring problem with absent buses this year and that contacting transportation was the best option for parents to file a complaint.

“This is a safety issue for these children who are at the bus stop for hours and their parents not knowing that the child is at school. This is a scary situation and no one seems to care,” said Ms. Johnson.

Parents also told our reporters that school officials have excused their childrens absences or tardinesses, however, have not fixed the consistent absent bus problems.

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