Ohio State coach calls Lavar Ball a logo thief

(PPN) – UCLA star Lonzo Ball decided to enter the NBA draft just after one year of playing college basketball but his father has been stealing the spotlight.

Lavar Ball says that his son will be better than Michael Jordan. Yes, he may be  delusional but he said it. And believes it. He also reassured the world that their brand, Big Baller Brand, will be the next big thing in fashion.

The three B’s are for his 3 sons who all will allegedly play one year at UCLA and enter the draft,  just as Lonzo did this year.

The BBB revealed its debut shoe ZO2, for Lonzo Ball Thursday. The pre-order price is $495. For a player who hasn’t been drafted, that’s pretty expensive price for a shoe.

The logo for the shoe is gold and silver, and may have been stolen.

It looks very similar to Ohio State University’s football coach logo for Zone 6.

Zach Smith tweeted:

“S/O to  whoever turn my logo into a sleek gold and white version!! #Robbery @Lavarbigballer “

The Big Baller Brand released a pair of shoes and slippers, both at very high prices.



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