O.J. “The Juice” Simpson granted parole, to be released in October

O.J. “The Juice” Simpson granted parole, to be released in October

Carson City, NV (PPN) – It’s been nearly ten years since O.J. Simpson was arrested and charged for armed robbery. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in prison in December 2008 with a minimum of 9 years for taking his own memorabilia’s from two men in Las Vegas.

The state of California ruled that the items were for The Juice and he now has them in his possession.

Some of those items included childhood photo’s of his children, things that were near and dear to his heart. Any parent would have done the same thing for their children. It’s not stealing if it belongs to you.

“I just want my property,” O.J. said while recalling the events that occurred when he walked into the hotel room in 2007 and saw all of his belongings spread over the room.

The parole hearing was held Thursday in Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada. Simpson walked into the room wearing a light blue shirt and blue pants, accompanied by his attorney Malcolm LaVergne.

The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners consisted of four white people, two women and two men. They all asked a series of questions throughout the hearing, often repeating the same question in a different way to ensure the truth was being told by O.J.

O.J. Simpson was in good spirits, often showing a smile during the beginning of the hearing. The Simpson family arrived at the prison prior earlier that morning. Their support along with the community played a huge factor in him being paroled.

Simpson was a good guy before he was falsely accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Rob Goldman. Simpson still owes the families of both victims millions of dollars after losing a civil lawsuit.

Simpson is still receiving between $4,000-$10,5000 a month from his NFL pension plan.

The panel stated that Simpson was considered a substance abuser due to alcohol being a factor in the robbery. “I never had an alcohol problem.” O.J. Simpson said.

Simpson requested to live in the state of Florida.

Simpson’s oldest daughter Arnelle Simpson spoke at the hearing with tears in her eyes.  “No one knows what we’ve been through,” Arnelle stated. She called her father her best friend and her rock.

The panel left the room for deliberation and returned with a decision about 20 minutes later. By unanimous decision, the parole panel granted O.J. Simpson parole. He will be released October 1, 2017.

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