North Korea sends message to U.S. with surprise of new long-range missiles

The tension between North Korea and America intensified on Saturday when large new missiles and launchers were flaunted on huge trucks during an annual military parade in Pyongyang. The country celebrates the 105th anniversary of its founding father Kim Il Sung.

Kim took power in late 2011 has emphasized that nuclear weapons as the foundation of his national defense strategy. North Korea goal is to put a nuclear warhead on a ICBM that could reach the United States.

Two new intercontinental ballistic missile-sized canisters was displayed and a  submarine-launched ballistic missile. They also showed a land-based version of the submarine for the first time ever.

Last weekend, the Navy dispatched USS Carl Vinson strike group to the same region. According to Trump, the US will rein in on North Korea’s nuclear program if China will not.

If the large ICBMs are in the two mobile canisters, it would be the biggest thing ever created by North Korea. The fact that any new ICBM would be in a canister is important because it means those missiles would likely be solid-fueled, analysts said.

On April 25, North Korea has another big military holiday for the army’s holiday. Kim could possibly tests a nuclear device on that day.

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