North Baton Rouge community unites at Stop the Killing rally

Baton Rouge – The North Baton Rouge community united Saturday evening in front of Triple S Food Mart on North Foster Drive to bring awareness and the importance of togetherness. Store owner, Abdul Muflahi and the Nation of Islam hosted a Stop the Killing rally.

Nearly a year later, the city of Baton Rouge is still waiting on justice for Alton Sterling.

Two Baton Rouge police officers, Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II,  fatally shot and killed Alton Sterling in front of the Triple S store. The shooting was caught on camera by the store’s owner and customers outside.

However, even with evidence, there has not been a decision made in the case. In addition, Salamoni and Lake have not been charged nor arrested.

One officer exclaimed, “He’s got a gun! Gun!” One of the officers yelled, “If you f******* move, I swear to God!” Then Salamoni was heard on the video saying, “Lake, he’s going for the gun!” One of the officers aimed his gun at Sterling’s body, then three gunshots were heard. The camera panned away just before the camera panned back and three more gunshots were heard.

The crowd joined in with one of Alton Sterling’s family members and yelled “No justice! No Peace!”.  Some of Sterling’s children were also there.

Many artists, community leaders, and even children shared a message at the rally. A young child proudly gave a powerful message. He posed a question to the audience. “Have we been so conditioned to being ruled that we dare not dream ourselves as leaders and rulers for our people?”

Another event speaker called for an economic boycott in Baton Rouge. This will be the first step of action for change. They will boycott the Mall of Louisiana and Wal-Mart.

State Representative C. Denise Marcelle, a special guest, said, “Stand together united and we need to have a plan.” Marcelle has been a voice for the community for years.

She also told the crowd that she believes in them and stressed the importance of stopping the killing in Baton Rouge.

Many believe that a decision has already been made in the case. District Attorney Hilary Moore told reporters recently, in regards to the Alton Sterling case, that they are about as ready as they are going to be.

The Stop the Killing rally will continue work with the community in hopes of uniting everyone. They plan to meet every other Saturday until the city of Baton Rouge receives justice for Alton Sterling.

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