No EBR School Board members showed up to the community forum to address the District’s failing schools

Baton Rouge (PPN)-Yesterday, April 23, 2018, the South Louisiana Coalition for Education (S.L.C.E.) hosted a community forum that focused on an open dialogue between educators, parents, students, BESE members, and EBR School Board members. The invited panelist was BESE’s District 6 Representative Kathy Edmonston, BESE’s District 8 Representative Jada Lewis, and East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Members Mark Bellue, Vereta Lee, Kenyetta Nelson-Smith, Dawn Collins, Evelyn Ware-Jackson, Jill Dyason, Mike Gaudet, Connie Bernard, and David Tatman. Over 100 people came out to voice their concerns at the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators regarding their concerns on the upcoming propositions and to hear the plans the school board had to improve the failing schools in the parish.

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Unfortunately, the only elected official that showed up was Jada Lewis. Several community members were disappointed because no one showed up to answer their questions.  A young man name Kevin wanted to ask a question to the school board that he decided to do in a video.

On yesterday evening, over 100 people from around our city ranging from parents, educators, community stakeholders, and even students packed a room to have a discussion about the “State of Education” in East Baton Rouge Parish. While talking to people after the event, a brave young 6th grader named Kevin had a question for our elected officials surrounding the topic of “school bullying”. The problem? While several elected officials confirmed making an appearance beforehand, only one official actually showed up to the event. However, as promised, Kevin asked that his message be videotaped so our elected officials could see and hear his question ….. Great Job Young Man 👏🏿#PowerToThePower#GenerationExcellent

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“The fact that no school board member showed up to hear the voices of the people is a clear message that they do not need to hold an elected position any longer. This is the same school board that agreed to renew the Superintendent’s contract without any performance scores to effectively assess if he had done his job or not. We hold our students, teachers, and schools accountable with assessments so we need to hold our school board and Superintendent accountable to the same standard”, said Dadrius C. Lanus, S.L.C.E. member.

South Louisiana Coalition for Education (S.L.C.E.) is a group of educators and community members who are passionate about improving educational opportunities and outcomes for all students in communities throughout South Louisiana.

“We are asking for more charter oversight, more accountability, more transparency within the board, and community counsel representation”, said Ciara Hart, S.L.C.E. Representative.

This Saturday voters will have an opportunity to vote on the three propositions. This will be the third time these propositions will go before voters for a renewal.

The first time this was passed was in 1998. It went to voters for a renewal in 2003 and 2008.

If all three propositions are passed Saturday, the tax renewals will go into effect for the next 10 years.


Update: Members from S.L.C.E. contacted Pen Point News and said that the Superintendent advised School Board members not to attend the forum.
Update: School Board members Dawn Collins and David Tatman confirmed their attendance but later backed out due to other prior engagements right before the event started.


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