Nicole Cevario turned in by parents for plans of being first female school mass shooter

Thurmont, MD (PPN)  – The father of a teenager in Frederick County told law enforcement officials that he suspected his daughter was planning an attack on her school. Nicole Cevario, 18, stored a shotgun, pipe bomb materials, fireworks, shrapnel and fuses inside her home.

This was in preparation of a planned April attack at Cataoctin High School, according to Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

Cevario’s parents called the police after her father read her diary and saw troubling things. The female terrorist suspect planned to carry out the attack on April 5. In her diary, she wrote in detail about the Columbine and Newtown school shootings and  focused on mistakes she believed those gunmen made.

Her father noticed a change in her behavior and found shot gun shells in her back pack.

“You can see the actual escalations, the frustrations, the planning, putting it together and how she was going to pull it off,” Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins said. “She actually felt there had not been a female mass shooter at a school and she would be willing to be the first one.”

Authorities said that the teen planned on dying in the attack and they do not believe anyone else was involved.

Cevario was taken to a hospital for a psychological evaluation. Once she is released from the hospital, she will be charged with possessing explosives and intending to build bombs.

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