Newlywed kills husband for insurance policy but ex-wife is still the beneficiary

Cleveland, OH (PPN) – An Ohio newlywed had a plan to get out of debt by killing her husband after just four months of marriage. Uloma Curry-Walker, 45, asked her then 17-year-old daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend to find a hit man in order for her to collect her husband’s insurance policy benefits in 2013.

However, Curry-Walker failed to do her research. William Walker never removed his ex-wife as the beneficiary on his $100,000 insurance policy and she will receive the money. Rapper Boosie Bad Azz has a song called For Da Love of Money and in his lyrics, he wrote “wife kill her husband for his policy”. In this case, it’s true.

William Walker

Firefighter William Walker

Jurors came to a quick verdict Friday in less than two hours and Curry-Walker was convicted of aggravated murder. She will be sentenced August 8.

Curry-Walker gave Chad Padgett $1,000 to pay his cousin Chris Hein to kill her husband but Hein failed to do so and then he put the job on Ryan Dorty, who went through with the shooting.

Chad Padgett

Chad Padgett

Chris Hein

Chris Hein

Curry-Walker told Mr. Walker to make a fast food run and when he returned home, Dorty shot him four times. The couple had just purchased a home outside of Cleveland and was packing the night before according to reports.

She confessed in a written statement that she killed him because of domestic violence. Now, she faces up to life in prison without parole.

Ryan Dorty

Ryan Dorty

Curry-Walker’s daughter, Chad Padgett, Chris Hein, and Ryan Dorty testified in court as part of a plea deal in murder conspiracy. Her daughter will only serve one month in juvenile detention, whereas the others will serve life sentences.


Hein’s will serve 18 years to life, Padgett has 28 years, and Dorty will spend 23 years to life in prison.

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