Murder suspect posts $35 million bail

San Francisco (PPN) – Family and friends of Keith Green, 27, were disappointed and shocked Thursday after his murder suspect Tiffany Li, 31, made bail for $35 million. Tiffany Li and Keith Green had two children together.

San Mateo District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said he is concerned Li is a flight risk and is disappointed the judge didn’t set the bail even higher. His office asked for it to be $100 million.

According to reports, Li ordered her boyfriend and another man to kill Green because she was afraid of losing her children to him.

The bail was raised by friends, family, and China business associates. Li left without answering questions as a bodyguard ushered her into a SUV. She was wearing a baseball cap and a hood wrapped tightly around her head.

Li is backed by a group that raised $4 million in cash. The group pledged to pay the remainder in a San Francisco Bay Area property worth $62 million. California courts require twice the bail amount if property is used instead of cash.

Also, she is required to turn over her passports, wear an electronic monitor and remain under house arrest.

Li was suppose to meet Green about 80 miles away from where Keith Green body was found May 11 in Sonoma County.

She was arrested several days later in the multi-million-dollar home in Hillsborough, 20 miles south of San Francisco. The other two men were arrested in May also but no bail has been set.

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