Murder in Mamou, LA-Deputy executes Father of 3

Mamou, LA- State Police  arrested  Dequince E. Brown, a woman in connection with an officer-involved shooting near Mamou,LA.

Pen Point News Investigator Daniel Banguel went to Avoyelles Parish Correctional Center to interview the attorney of the only eye witness who could tell how DeJuan Guillory was killed.

Daniel Banguel interviewed  Joe Long, Attorney of  Dequince E. Brown.


According to Attorney Long, his client, Dequince Brown was the victim DeJuan Guillory’s  girlfriend. On July 5th, the two went four wheeling in the Mamou area with plans to go frogging later that night. As they drove down one of the gravel roads, Deputy LaFleur began to follow them. Guillory turned off the road to allow LaFleur to pass, but instead the deputy continued to follow them and ordered them to stop and kill the engine. The stop changed, however, when LaFleur asked for their I.D.s.


Guillory told Lafleur that they did not have ID’s on their persons because they were going frogging and did not want them to be lost or damaged in the water. At no time did Lafleur question anyone about any alleged burglary. Instead, Lafleur grew angry with Guillory and got into his face. Guillory told him to “get out of his face” and Lafleur refused. Guillory then pushed the officer away from his face. LaFleur then shoved Guillory and the two began fighting, with Guillory scoring at least two punches to LaFleur’s face. Brown implored her boyfriend to stop fighting and leave.  Guillory then stopped the altercation and moved back to the four wheeler, preparing to leave. LaFleur then drew his weapon and ordered Guillory to get on the ground.


Guillory complied, laying on the ground on his stomach, and placing his hands behind his back. The officer then approached, placing his knee to Guillory’s back, while pointing his gun at Guillory. The officer ordered Guillory to “quit moving”, while placing his knee to Guillory’s back. When Brown told Guillory to just do what he says, Lafleur pointed the gun at Brown and said, “Shut the fuck up or I’ll shoot you.”  At that point, Guillory began pleading with the officer, telling him he was a father of three and didn’t want to be killed.


Suddenly, a shot rang out into Guillory’s back. Attempting to save her boyfriend from execution, Brown jumped on the officer’s back, biting him on the neck. Brown weighs about 110 pounds and is about 5′, 5”.  Immediately thereafter, LaFleur fired three more shots. Guillory never got off the ground.


LaFleur never attempted CPR or called for assistance at the scene. Instead, he just went back to his unit and stayed there until police arrived.  LaFleur had dropped his radio during the event, and Brown then called frantically for help.   About ten minutes later, the first police arrived, followed by many others, including EMS. Two ambulances arrived, and when they left, one carried LaFleur; the other was empty. When Brown left the scene, her boyfriend was laying in the gravel road. To her knowledge, nobody except her attempted CPR on DeJuan Guillory.  


She is adamant that her boyfriend was killed while surrendering to Lafleur, on his stomach with both arms behind him.  She only did what she did to save her boyfriend from an execution; an execution that was needless and brutal.  Ms. Brown has allowed her attorney to speak with the media because of Evangeline Parish’s notorious reputation for corruption.  She hopes to shine a bright light on this killing to prevent a cover up and bring LaFleur to justice.

Exclusive Recorded Interview with Attorney Joe Long and Daniel Banguel.

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