Mother prayers of having a quick delivery is answered in the back of an Uber

Sherman Oaks, CA (PPN) – You never know when your prayers will be answered and for a mother in LA, God gave her exactly what she prayed for.

The Jewish couple was not able to drive during the Sabbath so they called an Uber.

Uber driver Raymond Tellas rushed to pick up two riders Friday night when he found out they were expecting to give birth to their fourth child at any moment and needed to get to a hospital quickly.

Erica Davidovich said a prayer before her and her husband Niv Davidovich left for the hospital after she began to have contractions.

“God, just please, please, make it fast and easy and a healthy baby.” God was right on time. After a mile and a half into the drive from their home in Valley Village, they had to stop.

“We got a minute out onto the road and by that point, she said, ‘Call 911. I think the baby is coming right now,'” Davidovich recalled, according to ABC news. “We got one block and she said, ‘My water broke.'”

Tellas pulled the car over at a Whole Foods on Riverside Dr. and Coldwater Canyon in Sherman Oaks.

“I didn’t push. Nothing happened. Somehow, the gravity, the baby just slid out. My incredible husband caught the baby,” Erica said.

Telles remained calm and said he freaked out once he turned around and saw the baby. He gave the couple an Uber onesie Monday when he saw them again.

“Usually for our other three girls, water breaks, it’s still another 6, 7, or 12 hours,” Niv Davidovich stated.

First responders arrived shortly after. The Davidovich’s had a healthy baby boy weighing 6 pounds and 12.5 ounces. The Jewish couple will name the baby durin bris this Saturday, it’s tradition.

Photo Credit: CBS Los Angeles

“Everyone is telling us to name the baby Uber,” Niv Davidovich joked. “But we can’t do that — as much fun as it would be.”

Two years ago another mother had the same Uber birth experience and named her baby Uber.

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