Mildew Found on East Baton Rouge Parish School Buses

Baton Rouge, LA (PPN) – An East Baton Rouge Parish School bus driver is furious about the “raggedly” conditions of the older school buses being used to take children to school.

Woodlawn Middle School bus driver, Octavia Cade, posted a live Facebook video showing old buses with mildew, torn seats, and wires exposed on the floor.

“East Baton Rouge Parish is the second largest transportation school system in Louisiana.” Cade said.

Last year, she was assigned a “decent” bus in better conditions. “We bus over 50,000 children a day,” she stated. “The federal government gives them $11,00 a child on your bus.”

WAFB Channel 9

Posted by Octavia Cade on Thursday, August 3, 2017

When a maintenance worker drove her 1907 bus up for pickup, she refused it due to the unclean conditions. Despite having water and oil problems, he told her the bus was drivable.

“They want your children to be on these buses,” Cade said.

EBR Parish school system expects the drivers to clean the buses before picking up the students. “This is foolery, this is nonsense. I am so p****d off right now!”

Bus 1918 was also in horrible conditions. “I want you to see how nasty and disgusting this is.” As she walked on the bus, it was filthy. The bottom of one of the seats was completely missing, trash was scattered over the floor, and wires were exposed on it as well.


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