Mayor responds to Alton Sterling’s family attorney letter, fire Officer Blane Salamoni

Updated May 25 12:45 (PST)

Baton Rouge (PPN) – There is new information in the shooting death of Alton Sterling and it was caught on camera.

What happened is unbelievable, and now the Mayor of Baton Rouge is taking action.

Officer Blane Salamoni killed Alton Sterling. It seemed intentional.

A trained gunman put a gun to Mr. Sterling’s head, told him he’d shoot him, and moments he did exactly that.

Forty-one days until July 5, and still no justice.

According to WAFB, Mayor Weston Broome callied for the firing of one of the two officers involved in the case. Officer Blane Salamoni.

The Mayor who was recently elected made a promise to the city that she will be with them every step of the way.

The citizens called for the firing of both officers the same day of the DOJ announcement. No one will forget that the Washington Post leaked the same information the day prior.

Alton Sterling’s family attorneys sent a letter to BRPD demanding the firing of Officers Howie Lake II and Blane Salamoni. The letter was addressed to BRPD Chief Carl Dabadie and Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome.

The letter demands the “immediate termination” of Officer Blane Salamoni and Officer Howie Lake II from the police department.

The letter explained in detail what happened before the trained deputy took Sterling’s life:

Officer Salamoni “walked up to a non-confrontational Alton Sterling and put his department-issued firearm to the side of Mr. Sterling’s head and stated, ‘B***h, I will shoot you in your mother f***ing head.”

Reporters asled the previous Mayor of Baton Rouge if the department was racist. He firmly denied it and called it “bulls***”.

But it is really bull?

Mayor Broome responded by writing a letter stating that, “I believe they should be removed from paid administrative leave and disciplined consistent with the severity of their actions. In Officer Salamoni’s case, this warrants termination.”

She will deliver her letter to the chief.

How will the chief respond? Remember, this was not the first violent incident of either officer.

Click here to read Mayor Broome’s full response letter.

Many have spoke out about the excessive force that they’ve experienced during encounters with various cop in BR.

To read the attorney’s full letter click here.

The time is ticking. All eyes are on the chief.

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