Pen Point News Local,News & Politics What Does Mayor-President Elect Sharon Weston Broome Win Mean For North Baton Rouge?

What Does Mayor-President Elect Sharon Weston Broome Win Mean For North Baton Rouge?

Mayor-Elect Sharon Weston Broome is no stranger when it comes to North Baton Rouge having served as leadership for nearly thirty years. Broome prides herself on her ability to lead and bring people together. Broome was honored in the Baton Rouge Business Report as one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Women-Leading the Way in The Capital City”. Also, she has been noted as the first African American female to serve as the Speaker Pro Tempore of the Louisiana House of Representatives and also the first female elected to serve as Senator of District 15 where she again served as second in command, as President Pro Tempore.

For many who have watched her successful career should have full confidence in her ability to lead and bridge gaps between the Northern and Southern part of the parish but the question still remains; How much impact can she have on improving North Baton Rouge?  She has represented the Northern part of the Parish for the past two decades and she is often criticized by the failing schools, poor infrastructure, high crime, and lack of economic growth on her watch as a Metro -Council member and as a member of the Legislature.

The current make -up of the Metro Council consist of 5 Democrats and 7 Republicans and if the parties continue to vote among party lines then truly how much resources will be diverted to North Baton Rouge?

Many residents have openly criticized the former three term Mayor-President Melvin Kip Holden on his lack of attention on improving North Baton Rouge and his keen focus on revitalizing downtown. So lets give Mayor-Elect Sharon Weston Broome a chance to lead because even if you did not vote for her she is still the Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish and she deserves the respect.

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