The MAN-UP AWARDS are coming to Baton Rouge

The VOICE Speaks Volume would like to shine a light on Baton Rouge’s own, Daniel Banguel. Daniel is “without a shadow of doubt” the epitome of ‘My Brother’s Keeper’. “Daniel is one of the most selfless men I have encountered and I’m thrilled to be presenting him with a “MAN-UP” Award during the upcoming The VOICE Speaks Volume, “MAN-UP” You Matter Awards Extravaganza in Baton Rouge, LA this Friday, September 1, 2017 at 6:00 PM”, said Mrs. Lynette Ewell-Patterson, Owner and Creator of The VOICE Speaks Volume.
Daniel Banguel,  publisher at PenPoint News and CEO of the Louisiana Educational Advancement Project has a heart of gold and eagerly jumps at the opportunity to aid others in times of need. His latest assignment through The Louisiana Educational Advancement Project (501c3), was collecting water, toiletry items, cleaning supplies and other necessities in hopes of bringing some joy to Houston and surrounding areas that were hit hard by the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
“We will be assembling eighteen wheelers with hopes of bringing necessities to Houston. If you want to donate any flood relief items, money, or need help transporting items to Houston, please contact me!  Let’s help victims in Texas! Let’s unite and help our neighboring state because they helped us when we lost everything!”, said Daniel Banguel as he pleaded via social media outlets to family, friends, business owners and other followers. 
Daniel Banguel, you are the EPITOME of MY BROTHER’S KEEPER!

About The VOICE Speaks Volume


Mission Statement

The VOICE Speaks VOLUME and My Brother’s Keeper Man-Up, YOU MATTER  are faith-based, independently owned platforms designed to “encourage, enlighten and empower”  people of all races with the knowledge and understanding of their God-given purpose for being born. Our mission is to build strong lives so that we can have strong families and strong communities.

Vision Statement

To Aspire, Inspire and Motivate all persons in total wholeness of mind, body, soul and spirit.

The Concept

The concept for “The VOICE Speaks VOLUME! and My Brother’s Keeper Man-Up, YOU MATTER! was birthed from seeing the crisis our nation, our world is in today. Understanding that “not all are doomed for destruction and hell,” I begin to weep like Prophet Jeremiah and cry out to God for answers. He responded by saying, “I need my Prophet to be a Voice of one crying in the wilderness for those who seem to have no hope.” He revealed to me the vision for a platform and instructed me to seek the world for ordinary people who are doing extraordinary deeds in their community through acts of love and  kindness. Who themselves are Real people, living in a Real world and too, are facing Real issues. Their VOICE Speaks VOLUME! because they have endured life’s challenges, overcome the obstacles and are alive to tell their story. They are a testimony of what God, Our Father can and will do to transform our lives for His Glory. They are the VOICE of Hope for those who seem to be lost and hopeless.

My Brother’s Keeper Man-Up, YOU MATTER!! is a platform for us to showcase men who are mentoring youth and impacting their communities  by speaking truth to those who are in bondage to the lies of the enemy. Our focus is on the family to “rebuild the walls of destruction and despair. Instructed with a mandate from Isaiah 61, we must suit up as soldiers in the Army of the Lord, all people, all races and be The VOICE for our families, our communities, our schools and our inheritance. Deliberately take back what the adversary has stolen from us…..our right to live life in love, peace and harmony. Be The VOICE of Peace so that violence can cease, be The VOICE of Love so hatred can die.

Now is the “appointed time” to be completely saved, healed, delivered and set free!” Arise out of your fear and speak what the Word of God has declared and decreed for your life. There is power in your VOICE. Open your mouth and sound the alarm! Destiny awaits!


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