Kevin Gates debut platinum album ‘Islah’ nominated for Billboard Top Rap Album

(PPN) – Kevin Gates released his debut album January 29, 2016. it’s now nominated for Billboard Top Rap Album.

The certified platinum album was named after his daughter Islah, and it has four top singles: “Kno One”, “2 Phones”, “Really Really”, and “Time for That”.

In an interview with iHeartRadio, Kevin Gates said that:

“I named the album after my daughter because of the anticipation. It was so high. I remember before the birth of my daughter, the anticipation was so high. I was scared, I was excited. I was going through mixed emotions at the time. When people set a high bar because I put out so much good quality music, that bar was so high. I just didn’t want to. I was afraid of being a letdown. I was afraid of not being good enough. I was scared to death upon making the album, upon releasing the album. The reason I named my album Islah was because it was my first album. My first real studio album, I guess, so to say. Everything else that I put out was mix tapes. The name Islah means to critique. To make better. A spiritual awakening. When my daughter came, she gave me all of those things.”

Gates went to prison for 6 months for kicking a female fan. On the same day he was set to be released, the rapper was re-arrested for gun charges in another state and is currently serving 30 months in a Chicago prison.

Islah is up against J. Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only, Drake’s Views,  DJ Khaled Major Key, and A Tribe Called Quest We Got It from Here…. Thank you 4 Your Service”. 

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