Justice for Alton Sterling still pending, DA says “We are about as prepared as we can be”

Justice for Alton Sterling still pending, DA says “We are about as prepared as we can be”

Baton Rouge (PPN) – Justice in the Alton Sterling case has been long over due in the city of Baton Rouge. Citizens are believing that prolonging this case will only result in no justice despite it being caught on camera.

In 2013, 4,054 people were killed by police, only 6 led to convictions. Sterling was the 558th person to be shot and killed by a cop in 2016.

On Tuesday, District Attorney Hillar Moore III told reporters at the Ronald Reagan Newsmaker Luncheon that he has no indication that an announcement is coming soon from federal prosecutors on whether they will pursue criminal charges against shooting cop Blane Salamoni or Howie Lake II.

Blane Salamoni fatally shot and killed Alton Sterling, 37, on July 5, 2016 while he was lying on his back, pinned down by two cops. EBR Coroner’s Office said Sterling died of gunshot wounds to his back and chest but the full report will not be made to the public yet.

Snapshot from video before fatal shooting

Lake was placed on leave in 2014 after shooting a suspect. Both have been in trouble for their actions while on-duty in the past. Salamoni, 28, is the son of Captain Noel Salamoni -BRPD Special Operations Division. His mother is a retired police captain.

The feds sealed the autopsy report after taking over the case.

Federal officials will give advanced notice of the announcement in order to prepare for protests or unrest that may follow the decision.

“We are about as prepared as we can be,” Moore said.

Moore recused himself from the case because he has longstanding relationships with both of Salamoni’s parents. The decision will be made by state Attorney General Jeff Landry.

Alton Sterling was a father of 5 young children and was making a honest living by selling CD’s in front of Triple S Food Mart for years. Abdullah Muflahi is the owner of the store and currently has a lawsuit against Baton Rouge police.


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