Judge murdered in front of his Chicago home, suspect blames accomplice

Chicago – Judge Raymond Myles, 66, was murdered at his South Side Chicago home Monday in Cook County, Illinois and his girlfriend was wounded by a man who once stood in his court room 16 years ago.

The suspect, Joshua Smith, 37, allegedly had an accomplice follow Judge Myles girlfriend for several weeks before the shooting with plans of robbing her. Smith admitted to police on video that his partner tracked the woman for two to three weeks before attempting to rob her.

Suspect Joshua Smith

The unidentified woman walked out of the judge’s home and exchanged words with the gunman before she was shot once. She is suffering from non-life threatening injures. Afterwards, Judge Myles went outside once he heard the gun shots. He also exchanged words with the gunman before being shot multiple times to death.

Smith appeared in Judge Myles courtroom in 2001 for failing to have a vehicle title but the case was dismissed.

Neighbors told police that the couple always go for early-morning workouts.

According to police, Smith confessed that he was the driver but he did not pull the trigger. He told them that he drove the accomplice to the judge’s home that morning and the accomplice allegedly shot and injured the girlfriend and then killed the judge.

After the shooting, Smith went to the police station voluntarily to speak with detectives. They took him into custody at that time and charged him with first-degree murder, aggravated battery and obstruction of a police officer.

Smith’s lawyers reported that Smith is an entrepreneur and sole provider for his children.



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