Judge dismisses case, NBA player was racially profiled

Banks County, Ga (PPN) – A Banks County judge has dismissed Atlanta Hawk’s Mike Scott and his brother case after determining that the two were racially profiled on Friday.

Police officers pulled Mike Scott and his 20-year-old brother over on July 30, 2015 and searched Scott’s car without adequate reasoning.  The officer had no right to arrest, stop, or search Scott’s vehicle.

Scott had just finished a great season with the Hawks 2014-2015 team by winning 60 games, placing No. 1 in the Eastern Conference over King James and the Cavaliers.

The deputies pulled the Scott brothers over outside Atlanta on I-85. Scott was not the driver. They allegedly found drugs inside the car which led to Scott 2 felony possession charges, facing up to 25 years in prison.

Judge Currie Mingledorff signed a ruling that suppressed the evidence because the deputies “did not enforce the law in a racially neutral manner.”, according to USA Today.

Deputy Brent Register was one of the key witnesses in the case. Register testified under oath but the testimony and evidence did not add up.

Register is believed to be racist due to his arrest and traffic stop record. Between 2015-2016, Deputy Register pulled up 1,400 vehicles and made 47 arrests. Forty-four of the forty-seven people were black.


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