Innocent man conviction overturned after 22 years

Stormville, NY (PPN) – An innocent man has been freed, after 22 years. Calvin Buari, 46, was punished for a double killing he did not commit.

On Monday, his New York conviction was overturned.

“It’s a beautiful thing,” Calvin Buari said as he left a prison in New York’s Hudson Valley, to cheers and hugs from his family who came to bring him home after so many years without him.

A judge overturned the conviction and ordered Buari to be freed without bail Friday but administrative issues delayed his released over the weekend.

The conviction was overturned after 2 new witnesses testified they’d seen a different man commit the deadly shooting and a third said Buari was chatting with her down the block when the gunfire rang out.

Two brothers, Elijah and Salhaddin Harris was both shot and killed on a Bronx street when a gunman walked up and fired about a dozen rounds into their parked car in September 1992.

Buari was charged 6 months later, and it only took the jury 2 hours to convict him of murder. Two hours, a half-dozen drug associates and acquaintances testified against him. He was sentenced in 1995 to 50 years to life in prison.

The case took a turn in 2003, when the key witness, Dwight Robinson, made a different confession. But Robinson later recanted and said he wasn’t involved in the killings. He claimed Buari had threatened him and offered him money to confess falsely, but Buari denies it.

Buari has plans to focus on his case and family, and very ill mother. Ultimately, he hopes to go into business.

“I know I could be successful,” he said, “if I could fight the way that I did to get over those walls.”

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