Iberville Elementary School Coach called black children “Animals”-Exclusive Interview with Student and Parent

Today (PPN)- Parents from Iberville Elementary School contacted Pen Point News regarding a coach saying inappropriate words to his PE class students. Tamaneica Royal is a parent of one of the students at Iberville Elementary. She spoke with Pen Point News Chief Investigator Daniel Banguel regarding the incident.

“My daughter came home Friday crying to me saying that her coach called her and the class ‘black animals’. Today, I went to the school today and felt like I didn’t get any justice from school personnel. I was there with 10 other parents who also was upset. We left and went to the school board office to meet with the Chief Academic Officer Mr. Powell who stated to us that he was in a meeting. We have not received a phone call back yet”.


Pen Point News contacted Iberville Parish School Board and was told by personnel that Chief Academic Officer Mr. Powell would call each individual parent back regarding the incident that happen with the children and coach. The school board did confirm that there were several parents who called reporting the incident.

No official statement from Iberville School Board have been released.

Members from the community are in outraged.

“The racist are brave nowadays but, I will continue fighting for the youth of Iberville!”, said Raheem T Pierce.


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Daniel Banguel Publisher/Investigative Reporter

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