Hernandez victim’s mother requesting millions from Patriots

The lawyer for the victim’s mother in the Aaron Hernandez case is seeking millions of dollars from the New England Patriots just two days after Hernandez committed suicide in prison.

Ursula Ward’s lawyer requested for the Patriots to voluntarily give whatever money the ex-NFL star might still be owed.

Ward choked back tears as she described the sadness she lives with every day since her son’s death. “I lost a strong boy in my family that I will never see,” Ward said Friday.

According to attorney Douglas Sheff, a court already ruled Hernandez legally responsible for the death of Odin Loyd  in a wrongful death lawsuit.

22Following Hernandez’s arrest in 2013, the Patriots withheld a portion of his salary and bonus that may be worth $6 million.

“We urge the New England Patriots to work with the (NFL) Players Association to voluntarily make these payments,” Sheff said.

The families of Furtado and de Abreu also had pending wrongful-death suits against Hernandez prior to the double murder trial, but it’s unclear what impact Hernandez’s acquittal and subsequent suicide could have on those cases.

A  lawsuit was filed in 2013 against the ex-Patriot’s tight end. The suit seeks to recover proceeds from the sale of Hernandez $1.3 million home and a Hummer. However, his fiancee and their 4-year-old daughter have legal claims to his estate.

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