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New Year Smiles May Only Last A Few Days – Alton Sterling Decision This Month?

BATON ROUGE – New Year’s Day is finally here and, for many people, it’s a joyous day to celebrate. After a devastating year, Baton Rouge citizens are looking forward to a fresh start, although unfinished business still lingers in the shadows. Alton Sterling’s shooting is still a dominant concern plaguing local citizens and most people have one question: Will there be indictments for the officers involved in the shooting?

Many community leaders are still hopeful that an indictment will come. There has been speculation that a decision from the Department of Justice will be released this month. However, the speculation has yet to be confirmed or denied.

Mayor-Elect Sharon Weston Broome may have her hands full if the Department of Justice decides not to pursue charges against Baton Rouge police officer Blane Michael Salamoni who shot and killed Alton Sterling.

According to The Guardian News, 1,068 people were killed by the police in 2016. Many local residents still remember the atmosphere during the aftermath of the shooting of Alton Sterling.

Mary Fernando a 42-year-old resident of Baton Rouge shared her experience during the summer of 2016. “I remember police wearing battle equipment and protesters being refrained from entering the streets, you could just feel the intensity in the air of the racial divide in our city and that’s a feeling I never want to experience again, I was scared for all those children out there protesting,” said Fernando.

There is still no official confirmation regarding if Baton Rouge police officer Blane Salamoni will be indicted in the killing of Alton Sterling.

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